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WOODLAND pioneered forestry investment in Ireland and effectively paved the way for thousands of landowners who now own forestry in Ireland. WOODLAND has developed linkages with other countries and works closely with IWC a/s, based in Copenhagen, which provides a framework for investment in various countries, markets and products including timberland funds.

  • If you have an interest in substantial international forestry investment we would be delighted to hear from you.
  • If your interest is in Irish forestry we can bring you the benefits of our experience of dealing with corporate, personal and pension fund investors.
  • If you require due diligence on forestry investment products WOODLAND can contribute practical knowledge which helps to expedite the learning process for other disciplines.
  • If you own land and are considering forestry as an option then many of the same issues arise as for those purchasing land. Again we offer comprehensive services including forestry contracting.
  • If you are considerng one of the leasing or partneship options currently being offered then you need independent commercial advice as well as financia and legal guidance. We provide independent assessment of offers.

WOODLAND is an accepted contractor for providing planning, inspection and assessment services to Forest Service. We will prepare and submit your application, and provide a complete contracting service as well as manage your property for as long as you require. Our aim is to see you make good profit from good timber.

WOODLAND Services include:


Land Purchase
As with any property acquisition great care must be taken when acquiring land for forestry. Issues of location, access, suitability and value arise. To avail of grants and benefit from premium income the land to be planted must be under agricultural usage. Planting will not be grant aided on areas subject to turbary, grazing rights, rights of way and some other exceptions. Folio documents and maps should be inspected prior to acquisition and legal advice taken. Price varies with quality, location and all the usual property factors. A reasonable assessment of the rate of return based on the productivity of the lands and likely premium income (bearing in mind that premium income is tax free) should be made. There can be upside from timber prices.

Land prices have peaked and are returning to more realistic levels but supply is limited and opportunities few. Possible environmental and other constraints on land use mean that pre-planting approval should generally be obtained before purchase. WOODLAND will be happy to discuss your land requirements with you and provide a complete service of acquisition, grant approval, contracting and maintenance. If you have any other requirements we would also be happy to discuss that. WOODLAND does not take commission or fees from sellers of forestry land or their agents.

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Grant Approval
WOODLAND is a Forest Service approved company for the purposes of preparing grant approval applications and subsequent paperwork. Your WOODLAND forester can discuss your requirements and your preferences and, subject to site limitations, draft suitable plans, submit to Forest Service and deal with Forest Service Inspectors and any other Agencies that may become involved. WOODLAND can also prepare applications for grant payments.

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Forestry Contracting and Maintenance
WOODLAND provides a complete contracting service, tailored to the owner's requirements. Full details are available, on request. WOODLAND will arrange all of the contracting elements, such as afforestation, fencing, trees and planting as well as other requirements. WOODLAND carries full public liability and employer liability insurance and deals with reputable registered sub-contractors and reliable nursery suppliers.

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Forestry Management
Active management is the key to adding value to your forestry asset. This can range to minor tweaking to more significant inputs over the years. WOODLAND will ensure that you benefit from the full range of incentives such as shaping, pruning grants and roading grants. It is essential that you have a professional forester visit your forest at least once a year and prepare a report. We aim to provide you with reports that are largely in layman's language with any technical terms fully explained. It is very important that the woodland owner actively participates in reviews and decisions. An owner's knowledge and interest contributes to optimum management. We share with you our long experience in dealing with pension funds and other demanding clients.

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Internal forest roading is usually essential prior to harvesting. To avail of grant-aid it is essential to have prior written approval from Forest Sevice. It may sometimes involve planning permission or other consents and WOODLAND can deal with these aspects as well as arrange for surveys, contractors and suppliers. We will also deal with roading approval and grant paperwork.

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Valuations are ideally arrived at by the meeting of minds of a willing and knowledgeable purchaser and a willing and knowledgeable seller. In an attempt to reach a fair and reasonable valuation the valuer will normally look at transactions of a similar nature. Forestry does not lend itself as easily as other asset types to valuation not least because there is not an established and dynamic market for woodland sales. Valuations arise for a variety of reasons and WOODLAND has dealt with many of these including some very sensitive situations. Careful objective consideration of all the relevant factors and attention to detail should normally produce acceptable and consistent valuation. The main factors which determine forestry values are timber volume, timber quality, likely timber prices and the discount rate used to calculate the present value. Other factors include the premiums, location, access and scale. Non-timber issues may arise such as leisure rights and amenity aspects. Taxation aspects must be considered as well as legal issues. Some commentators are inclined to contribute a value to carbon credits; we are conservative about this and take the view that while forest management should consider the possibility of carbon credits, valuations should not yet take any significant account although a keen eye should be kept on developments.

Risks must be considered. It is possible to insure against some of the most obvious risks such as fire and wind and WOODLAND offers a service in that regard. Irish forestry is virtually disease free and our Island position helps us to maintain this.

A prudent valuer will tend to take a cautious view of a forestry investment given its long-term nature. As an investment it is illiquid in the sense that it is not possible normally to convert forestry plantations into cash overnight. Indeed for some investors the attraction has been to protect family assets from easy liquidation! And remember trees will grow no matter what the ISEQ or the Dow-Jones is doing.

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Timber Sales
This is the ultimate objective, in our view, of forestry. We are happy to have had the sales of timber from woodlands planted by us less than twenty years ago. The sale of thinning material will be a considerable challenge for many woodland owners, particularly the more diverse sites now being developed. Clearfell always requires the most careful consideration and ideally should be an active consideration with an owner for some years before a final decision. Market timing can never be perfect but a considered approach will yield better results.

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Advice on products, leases, partnerships and sales
Over the years we have built up knowledge on many variations of investment and ownership and can give general commercial and valuation advice. Whenever one is entering into an investment vehicle, lease, partnership or other type of ownership structure, legal and taxation advice as well as independent advice on commercial issues (such as who is responsible for replanting after clearfell) should be taken. Be especially careful to clarify matters that may occur well into the future. What may seem irrelevant now may well lead to a "time- bomb" for yourself or your family at a much more critical time. Even the professional investor needs the benefits of practical experience on an investment with an unusually long project span. We may not have all the answers but we know most of the questions and sometimes that can reveal a lot.

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Property sales
WOODLAND will assist in the sale or purchase of woodland properties or related issues such as sites and access routes. Please discuss your requirements with one of our Directors or see our Woodlands for Sale section.

WOODLAND has been involved in the buying and selling of woodland properties close to thirty years. The market is limited in Ireland both on the supply and demand side but is developing. The very specialist nature of the asset is that in most cases the target market is quite small and it needs specialised knowledge to reach that. An Auctioneer is unlikely to reach all elements of that market but may help to broaden it with specialised local knowledge. WOODLAND is happy to act for its own clients in the sale of properties. WOODLAND will also act for other woodland owners provided that there is no conflict of interest. The degree of promotion will reflect the quality of the asset - woodlands are not saleable because of simple matters such as smaller areas, extremely poor access or, regrettably, poorer quality. It may be a slight exaggeration that the best time to consider the sale of a woodland is when you are planting it but do keep that objective in mind. For instance a 4-hectare field at the bottom of the farm is unlikely to be of any interest to anyone, with the possible exception of an adjoining neighbour. If you are considering a sale we will be happy to discuss it with you on a no obligation basis. If you are looking for a property please give us a call. We sometimes feature properties on our web site but for various reasons others on the market may not be featured. As in all matters we ensure confidentiality

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