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Woodlands for Sale in Ireland

If you have a requirement e-mail us about your preferred location, investment objectives and scale and we may have a suitable property for you.

If you are thinking of selling talk to us. We can arrange a web listing at a very reasonable cost.


Feel free to contact Woodland Managers Limited, Merchants Dock, Merchants Road Galway with map, brief details and indicative price if you are interested in selling your woodland.

Various locations
If you are looking for a site or an old cottage then send us details of the location in which you are interested and we may be able to help.

We get a couple of queries every month from people looking for the romantic ideal - a couple of acres preferably with a cottage with a couple of acres of broadleaves, beside a lake (near an airport!). Unfortunately we do not have these idyllic properties. We do not respond to incomplete queries from "weekend" browsers - please let us have your name and address and, preferably, telephone number as well as a reasonably clear indication of requirements.

Also some people tend to have a somewhat unrealistic expectation about land values. A budget of at least €75,000 is usually essential if you want to acquire a small plot perhaps with an old structure. Smaller woodland lots could well have a lower price but very rarely come on the market.

If you are a potential seller of a few hectares of forestry with reasonable access then please contact us, as we might be able to put you in touch with a potential buyer.


Sellers should make potential purchases aware of premiums and grant entitlements and obligations and should normally require the purchaser to take over those entitlements and obligations.

Whenever a contract is being drawn upon for the sale of afforested land, a clause to that effect should be included. Solicitors dealing with any transfer of ownership should be made aware of them.

If the purchaser is not willing to participate in the scheme, all grant and premiums paid in relation to the plantation may have to be repaid to the Department by the owner.

Owners entitled to Forestry Premium should notify the forest Service in advance if they intend to sell or transfer ownership of any part of the planted land during the term of the premium scheme.

The premium claim form issued each year covers the premium due for the whole of the calendar year. If a change of ownership occurs during the year, the Forest Service will not divide the premium. This should also be considered with drafting a contract for sale of afforested land.

If notice of intention to sell is received, the Forest Service will issue a detailed letter on the provisions of the scheme and requirements to effect transfer of entitlements and obligations.

If the owner of a grant-aided plantation with premium entitlements has died the personal representative should contact the Forest Service or Woodland about transferring the premium entitlement. Woodland owners should, as with all property owners, leave clear instructions in a will.

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