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Thinnings - September 2011

Woodland Managers Limited is currently putting together its 2012 roading and thinnings programme. If you have a plantation area ready for roading or thinning please contact us - especially if you are in the Northwest, West or Midwest. You must have a Felling Licence for first thinning; we can process the application for you. Roading applications should be submitted immediately as grant funding will be restricted.

Europe Bans Illegal Timber - October 2010
Strasbourg, France - The European Union (EU) has recently banned the import and sale of illegally harvested timber. This effort is being done to fight climate change and deforestation from the Amazon to Asia.

It will take two years for the rules to take effect, as governments must compose their own penalties for lawbreakers.

Reportedly, more than half of all logging activities take place in vulnerable regions, such as the Amazon Basin, central Africa, southeast Asia and Russia, according to the European Union.

Twenty to 40 per cent of global production of industrial wood, or 350 million to 650 million cubic metres (460 million to 850 million cubic yards), is represented by illegally harvested timber, according to the United Nations.

Under the new EU rules, importers must secure sufficient guarantees that the timber they are bringing in is legally harvested.

Traders such as furniture manufacturers must confirm that the origin of the wood used to make their products is traceable.

The legislation covers the 27-nation EU, however, it will be incumbent on individual member states to set penalties to for wrongdoers.

Deforestation accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EU.

January 2010 - The VAT rate on timber sales was reduced to 21% on 1 January, 2010.

December 2009 - the Budget was encouraging for forestry in that a specific commitment was made to outline a programe of at least 7,000 hectares in 2010. The level of funding for support Schemes should enable an adequate Roading programme to proceed although we expect that a number of other Schemes will remain suspended during the current financial difficulties.

July 2009 - It would appear that apart from present commitments there will be no further roading approvals issued during 2009.

June 2009 - Reconsitution Scheme is no longer available for damage caused by fire or wind and owners are advised to check their insurance cover. See www.forsure.ie.

February 2009 - There will be limited funds available for Roading and Reconstitution during 2009.

January 2009 - Roading and Reconstitution Schemes - Funding continues to be withheld pending clarification of funding.

December 2008 - Woodland had our biggest ever year for thinnings sales, with new market outlets helping to strengthen demand. The VAT rate on timber sales increased to 21.5% from 1 December, 2008.

October 2008 - are you considering a lease or partnership deal with a forestry company? if so you need financial, tax and legal advice - as well as solid commercial guidance to ensure you get best value and that you understand all the implcations. Woodland can offer independent advice - 091 562016.

October 2008 - The 2009 Budget allocation should enable a reasonable level of activity in 2009. The reductions in some farm supports make forestry relatively more interesting for many farmers. The Budget introduced an Income Levy which will apply to most income including profits from woodlands. Computation of woodland profits is a matter on which professional advice should be taken. See Income Levy.

July 2008 - Roading and Reconstitution Schemes - funding approvals being withheld due to high level of demand relative to funding.

May 2008 - Minister Tony Killeen, TD, Clare was appointed as Minister of State in the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food with responsibility for Forestry.

April 2008 - The Minister of State announched improvements to the NeighbourWood Scheme:the Enhancement Grant is being increased to €4,500 per hectare; the grant rate for the Facilities €3,000 per hectare for subsequent areas, up to a maximum of 40 hectares. The maximum grant for the Conservation of Existing Native Woodland Conservation Premium is being increased to €350 per hectare per annum payable for a period of seven years.

Further details are available on www.agriculture.gov.ie

March 2008 - Minister Wallace launched a Broadleaf Tending / Thinning Scheme (January 2009 - not yet implemented!)

13 February 2008 - Minister Mary Wallace announced significant improvements to FEPS Scheme with additional annual payments of €200 per hectare for anyone planting at least 8 hectares and reducing the minimum area to 5 hectares for farms under 30 hectares in size. (This scheme has now ended)

14 December 2007 - Woodland completed the largest ever private timber sale in record time!

19 October 2007 - RDS Awards - The Overall Winner of the Farm Forestry Award was John McCartan, Baltrasna, Moynalty, Co. Meath. John has a highly productive, diverse woodland at Baltrasna, which was designed and established by Woodland Contractors Limited. Congratulations to John. Congratulations also to Joe Barry, a previous winner, with another forest established by Woodland Contractors Limited, who got a Special Merit Award this year in the Biodiversity category.

Planting - never a better time - Increased premiums! Improved grants! Two Schemes!

12 September, 2007 - EU approved under State Aids rules a €900 million package for afforestation from 2007 to 2013

1st March 2007 - improved FEPS rules - requirement that plots within a FEPS plantation be within 500 metres of each other has been removed! The Scheme details (click on FEPS below) have been updated by a notice dated 1 March. Details from Woodland. (This scheme has now ended)

February 2007 - Improved roading Grants! Full details from Woodland.

14 January, 2007 - Full details are available from Woodland - FEPS premium of up to €774* per hectare for 5 years to REPS farmers. To read full details click FEPS . (This scheme has now ended)

9 January, 2007 - Minister Mary Wallace announced the new Forest Environment Protection Scheme (FEPS)! (This scheme has now ended)

* to calculate your gain subtract your current marginal REPS premium rate (see more details, and examples, by clicking Payments. The FEPS premium is exempt from tax for almost every farmer. If you are receiving Single Farm payment or Compensatory Allowances you need to take these into account. We can help you to get the full picture.

What is involved? FEPS, which is a voluntary scheme, requires additional Measures over and above the Afforestation Scheme - some mandatory, some optional. The extra payments for five years are to compensate for the extra commitments To learn more click Measures.

This is good news for farmers who want to plant. Further details are available from Woodland. Farmers thinking of planting should start making arrangements by seeking Forest Service approval. Woodland Contractors Limited is an approved assessment company and can prepare your application and guide you through the process as well as providing a full contracting service. Please contact us on 091 562016 to find out more.

If you are thinking of planting please contact us immediately at 091 562016 or email: info@woodland.ie

October, 2006

Minister Mary Wallace, TD presented the first RDS Forestry Judges Special Award to Woodland Managers Limited in Farmleigh House on 18 October, 2006

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