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Forest Service provides a range of incentives and supports for forestry activities. These consist of grants and premium payments. The main focus is on afforestation and forest roading*. There are also supports for woodland reconstitution* (following natural damage), woodland improvement and native woodland establishment as well as for research and development of the processing sector. The Afforestation and Roads incentives can be seen on the Premiums and Grants sections.

Incentives, and conditions, are reviewed from time to time and a major review will take place in 2014. Anyone planning afforestation should check the position with Woodland.

Since 2005 many farmers receive a Single Premium Payment each year to replace various schemes. Basically most farmers have one annual payment for each hectare of land. Farmers can plant most of the land without losing any of that entitlement, subject to complying with Department requirements.

* January 2014- due to funding constraints funding approvals are not currently issuing for some Schemes. Check with Forest Service or Woodland for the latest position.





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