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Why Forestry?

Ireland has the climate - and land
Ireland has the best climate in Europe for tree production; the combination of climate, soils (marginal agricultural land) and tree species achieves softwood volume production three to five times higher than elsewhere. Good quality hardwoods can be grown in Ireland on better soils.

Europe needs timber
Unlike grass based products such as milk, the European Union produces only half of its present annual timber requirements. The EU has a strategy to promote forestry, including substantial premiums for farmers. The UK, Ireland's main export market, imports over 80% of its wood requirement. While the UK may be 50% self sufficient in sawn softwood by 2025, its production is projected to fall significantly again over the following 25 years. A focused, quality driven strategy in Ireland can exploit that opportunity, building on the expanding Irish timber-processing sector.

Quality provides sawn wood- it provides profit
Taking the long view, wood production will be the main source of forest income, although other sources must be nurtured. For growers to get the greatest return on their investment it is essential to maximise production of sawn timber for use in higher value markets. This requires focus, planning and active management. WOODLAND aims to deliver those qualities for you. These are also national issues and we continue to promote the commercial view- quality timber is the best possible support for sustained forestry management.

Forestry is a prudent investment
Forestry is basically an investment in growing wood as a commodity. Growth performance is predictable. Economic forces do not affect growth. The intrinsic merits of the investment are well recognised by institutions such as pension funds and private investors who are already major investors in Irish forestry, as well as by the thousands for farmers who have planted lands in recent years. You can avail of those same benefits through the professional management of WOODLAND and take advantage of improved premium income- premium income is currently higher for farmers than for any other landowner.

The costs are low
The financial return from forestry investment depends on costs, revenues and their timing. As a result of substantial grants, there is usually little or no outlay required for investing in forestry for those who already own land.

The returns are superior
Forestry is a sound, high yielding, low risk investment. Many institutions, private individuals and farmers invested in forestry during the 1990s. The returns for forestry and the risk return ratios (decent rate of return and low risk) are hard to equal - and its a lot easier to go look at your forest than an apartment somewhere in mainland Europe. For farmers, these factors, together with the highest premium levels, payable for twenty years, make it a sound investment. Sound silvicultural management techniques can further improve returns.

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