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Forest Owners

Active management is the key to maximising the return on your resource. We believe in simple reports, designed to keep you informed on essential matters and to enable you to make the appropriate decisions at key times. Quality timber should be our common priority and profitable sales our ultimate objective.

We can give you short or long term management arrangements or, if you prefer, ad-hoc reports. Some owners we see once every two years; others we meet two or three times a year. For some, we keep all of their records and even prepare VAT returns; for others the preference is a for a joint inspection once a year, often to provide re-assurance but also to discuss options, changing circumstances or other ownership issues. If our forester meets an unusual situation we can draw on a network of colleagues at home and abroad.

Through a connected business, WoodlandCover Limited, in conjunction with Willis, fire, wind and Public Liability insurance for Irish woodland owners can be arranged with a Scheme tailored to Irish conditions. See the Insurance section for details and download a proposal form.

Selling timber
This is the ultimate objective, in our view, of privately owned forestry. We are happy to have handled the sale of timber from many woodlands established by us as well as from other private woodlands. The sale of thinning material will be a considerable challenge for many woodland owners, particularly the more diverse sites now being developed. Clearfell always requires the most careful consideration and ideally should be an active consideration with an owner for some years before a final decision. Market timing can never be perfect but a considered approach will yield better results.

Selling woodlands
WOODLAND is happy to act for its own clients in the sale of properties. WOODLAND will also act for other woodland owners provided there is no conflict of interest.

Buying woodlands
WOODLAND can also advise on the acquisition of woodlands in Ireland, and elsewhere through our international linkages provided that there is no conflict of interest.

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