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Thinking of Planting?

Start Early
Planning is always advisable. With forestry it is essential. Forestry is a long-term undertaking. Today's decision will have far reaching consequences. We can help you in reaching that decision and then help you to implement it. There are many aspects to the decision process and some are outlined here. Start now!

Get Planting Approval
You must have written approval before work starts on your plantation (there may be some restrictions). Planting approval applications must be drawn up and submitted to Forest Service by an approved forester.

WOODLAND is an approved company employing approved foresters and has been providing this planning service to customers for many years. Because of environment and planning issues other agencies may also be involved including:

  • County Council
  • Regional Fisheries Board
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • An Bord Pleanála
  • An Taisce
  • Fáilte Ireland

It takes time and experience to deal with the requirements of Forest Service and the various State Agencies and to ensure that your objectives, as owner, are always a priority.

With our experience
WOODLAND has the design skills, the information, the resources and over twenty years of experience to guide your application through to formal approval. Throughout, your interests are our top priority, and we will be with you all the way. We provide a complete contracting, maintenance, management and insurance services tailored to your requirements.

Set your objectives
Additional income, adding value to your land, providing for a family member, early retirement? Basic income per hectare of forestry is easily calculated. It is usually not that difficult to see whether forestry would be a more productive and rewarding use of some or all of your land. Take a long view. Forestry premium is currently guaranteed for twenty years, subject to scheme conditions. The earlier you move the earlier you will benefit.

There are incentives for planting - basically grants which cover the cost of planting in many cases and premium payments which provide a tax free reviewable income for up to twenty years. To see details click on Grants or Premiums. The long term pay-off comes from timber sales from well chosen locations, soils and species and well managed forests.

Get information

Read this website! talk to us!

Forest Service, the division of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine responsible for forestry policy, legislation, standards and administration, has information booklets and a network of inspectors throughout the country. Teagasc provides advice on farm income and also has forest advisors. Teagasc, COFORD and other organisations such as the Irish Timber Growers Association, the IFA and the Society of Irish Foresters arrange field days. You can access these organisations from our Links section. There are regular training courses and seminars and newspaper articles in farming papers and supplements.

We in WOODLAND welcome the opportunity to give you the benefit of our experience on all aspects of forestry, particularly the commercial considerations.

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Woodland will prepare, process and track your application and deal with State agencies